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Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 06:55:37 EST
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> What does surprise me is that the factory has not felt it necessary to 
> respond
>  to all of the correspondence on this subject.  Are they trying to hide
>  something?  I would hope that is not the case because I have been very
>  impressed with the service and product until I started hearing about the
>  possible rivet problem.

    Just because there are 1100 of us interested in this sort of thing 
doesn't mean that the manufacturer is a subscriber. In the case of the F12 
factory and N6BT, they're not TT subscribers. I'm not sure Tom even reads the 
Force12 reflector traffic on 

    In the case of the carping that goes on vis-a-vis contest sponsors on the 
cq-contest reflector, NONE of the sponsors subscribe to the reflector so 
discussions go on for days that have NO impact on the topic. While TowerTalk 
used to have Hy-Gain and some other subscribers including Steve Davis, the 
President of Cushcraft, none of them are current subscribers. 

    If you want to pose a question or make a statement to a manufacturer, you 
need to contact them directly. If you report back to TT what you found, I'm 
sure there are lots of us interested in hearing what you found out. 

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech
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