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Subject: [TowerTalk] Coax Rating
From: (Gary J. Ferdinand W2CS)
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2001 08:35:18 -0500

Be careful.  Yes, I have had a meltdown as you call it, using some
hamfest-grade RG8X on a 100 ft run feeding a 1/2 wave on 40.  The power into
the feed line was likely about 700W.   I don't know whether this happened
while operating on 40 or 15.  And here's the might squeak thru
with a perfectly flat SWR.  But with 3/2 waves I'd bet you will not have
that.  Any SWR will significantly increase the probability of zapping the

As I recall, the rating is about 300V across that foam dielectric.  Less
sure of that than the above. I believe RG58 is actually more forgiving than
RG8X in terms of power handling.

I'm using RG8 now, with a convenient tree to help support the weight so the
antenna doesn't have to see it all.

73/Gary W2CS

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| Am planning on trying to put up 3  1/2 waves on 40mtrs. and wonder if
| anyone knows the maximum power that RG8X will handle on a relatively
| short run less than 100 feet....I know I would probably be better off
| with something like 213 or the like but am concerned with the weight
| factor....Anyone had any major meltdowns using the lighter feed line.
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| Ted    K9HUH
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