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[TowerTalk] EF 420/240

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Subject: [TowerTalk] EF 420/240
From: (Dave, AA6YQ)
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 10:39:34 -0500
I have an EF 420/240 at 80', 10' below a 4BA. Both antennas are D models;
I've experienced no mechanical problems since their installation 3 years
ago. The weather outside Boston (FN42) has not been extreme during this
period, but the antennas have survived several nasty wind and ice storms.

>From a performance perspective, the 420/240 is outstanding on 20m;
susceptibility to rain/snow static is the only weakness I've noticed. The
antenna is also effective on 40m, though its relatively low front-to-back
ratio there sometimes leaves me wishing I'd chosen the 520/340 instead. Some
of this may be a tuning problem; KC1XX, who installed these antennas, found
the process challenging. The state of the documentation led us to believe
that this was a very early 420/240 D model, so the tuning procedure and/or
design may have improved since then. That said, its record in 40m pileups is


       Dave AA6YQ

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> Can someone give me some pro's and con's of this antenna.  Would you buy
> it agian or some other antenna?
> Thanks
> Dan
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