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[TowerTalk] Recent Cushcraft discussion.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Recent Cushcraft discussion.
From: (Robert Shohet)
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 12:50:51 -0500
As a professional in my field (securities, money management, pension
consulting) I can tell you that making statements and representations
verbally OR in writing and NOT delivering on them, or making representations
without ADEQUATE disclosures, is called MISREPRESENTATION.

Misrepresentations (intentional or otherwise) can subject the person making
the statement, to fines, civil actions, loss of licenses, etc.  It is
considered a form of malpractice and leaves the person  open to wide range
of penalties from civil and criminal actions.
It is a SERIOUS offense!  Furthermore it is a breach of ethics to "let
things stand" without trying to correct the problem immediately.

Clearly Cushcraft labors under no such peril.  If there was an antenna
licensing authority,  and they could shut Cushcraft down for their actions,
Cushcraft would have behaved VERY differently!

Some of the things that Cushcraft has done in my case:

* Bill for more than agreed on - you get firm prices WITH shipping and then
are charged $15 more WITHOUT an itemization of what was charged and why!
(And they NEVER provide it or explain the discrepancy!)
* Documentation of part lengths and antenna measurements that are NOT
possible given what is included "stock" in the package.
* Parts that are broken or missing or require "correction" or substitution
by the builder so that the antenna can be built.
* Inadequately machined parts that do not fit or match up.
* Disinterest in adequately servicing problems.
* Inability to receive correct pricing and availability of replacement
* Rudeness and bad attitude and lack of interest in helping to provide
solutions for THEIR screwups.

There are many other things that have happened to many other people over
many years.

In my field ANY of the above-mentioned problems, done even ONCE, would
immediately subject myself to potential fines and loss of licenses.  While
that may seem severe, there is a public trust to protect.  As a professional
vendor (Cushcraft) has no less public trust and responsibility to protect US
the customer.

Some of the victim blamers and Cushcraft apologists on this reflector serve
no useful end except to perpetuate the problems by excusing Cushcraft's
handling of them.  One person even suggested that we (as a group) look to
make suggestions as to how they can improve their service.  You mean to say,
that it's not bad enough that many of us DO NOT get what has been
represented to us and we have paid for in good faith, but now we have to
perform PR and marketing functions on behalf of Cushcraft as well?  Isn't it
their responsibility to hire and pay people for that purpose?  When did it
become MY job to help a company that has cheated me?

Problems do not get solved unless there is first, an acknowledgement of the
problem by the offending party.  For someone to imply that
"it is all in the approach" trivializes and insults those of us who "bought
the promise" of the Cushcraft antenna representations and received far less.
In the same way that I acknowledge and am pleased to hear that some people
have had GOOD experiences with Cushcraft, why can't everyone acknowledge
that there are lots of people that have had BAD experiences with Cushcraft
through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN!  Maybe those with GOOD experiences should
become unpaid Cushcraft advisors on proper customer service?

More importantly, why can't Cushcraft have adequate oversight and testing of
their products so that many of these problems are eliminated BEFORE they
become problems that we have to discover?  They should either charge more to
make a better product and provide better service or get out of the market.
Price is NOT a legitimate excuse for mediocrity!

Do some people try to take advantage of Cushcraft?  I am certain of it.
However this is but a SMALL fraction of those of us who have had to deal
with their bad attitude and product problems.  Furthermore, there is a small
percentage of the public that tries to take advantage of ANY situation in
any field.  I have experienced this first hand many times.  It is PART OF
THE JOB, and it stinks, but if I don't like it,  I can do something else
professionally, so can Cushcraft.  Meanwhile, there is no excuse for
treating ANYONE badly, especially when you have created the problem!

Robert L. Shohet, CLU, ChFC, Registered Investment Advisor Agent, KQ2M
JGB Consulting, Corp. , President
RLS Financial Group, Inc., President

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> No it's not.  A lot of you will remember how mad I was at Cushcraft for
> screwing the early X9 buyers when they decided to drop the 2 element 40
> meter add-on.  To add insult to injury, they (Dr. Steve) acted like it
> was the buyer's fault that they (Cushcraft engineers) couldn't produce
> what their own brochures indicated was already working.  They did offer
> to buy back antennas but to those of us who already had them up it was
> of little help.  I'll be looking to Force 12 or M2 for any future
> antenna I might buy.  Incidently, I've swayed at least 4 people (and
> probably many more) away from Cushcraft purchases.  Just my $.04
> (inflation) worth.
> 73
> Gud DX
> Jim
> Jim Idelson wrote:
> > This CushCraft nonsense is not new . . .
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