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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2001 18:23:32 -0500
This is a question I see several times a year.   The Sommer (DJ2UT) antenna
is a version of the VK2AOU multi-band yagi.
The original USA publication of the article was in "Ham Radio" , May 1979.
The original article was printed in Australia.  The antenna is referred to
in the ARRL antenna book and the ON4UN low Band books.  The Version sold by
Sommer is rugged and uses both log cell elements and co-linear arrays to
produce a competitive multi band antenna.   The usual model is the XP803
covering 20/15/10 meters.
The Top of the line XP807 covers 20 to 10 and the 17 and 12 meter bands.
The 40 and 30 (you must use one or the other) is a loaded element on the
back with inefficient directors in front so it is claimed to work better
than a dipole.  It is just a dipole on those bands with limited bandwidth.
It is as effective as the Mosley 40 meter add on for the TA33/36 series and
the Cushcraft add on elements.  If you can get the beam over 60 feet and in
the clear its probably better than your low dipoles or inverted V's.

Now as to users....Bob N4VZ burned up the bands from Near Atlanta before he
moved West to Utah.  KM1E wrote a two part article for "DX Magazine" in
1995.  I was involved in several of the tests he ran on 17 meters.  In one
test with FK8CP he was right with KA1PE who was using a 4 el wide spaced
beam at 90'.   The KM1E article is good reading...don't know if you can get
a re-print as Chod harris the editor/publisher is now a SK.   I also hear
several W2's that use the XP807 and Lew mcCoy gave the small boom version a
good review
in CQ in the late 80's.

Why is it not popular?  Some have problems getting it together and tuned
(can't be any more problem than the KT34XA).   The cost with all the
elements is around $1500 but many of the other beams are now in that range.
I think its just because the TH-7/11 and KT34XA (now 36XA) had a great
knowledge base....even Mosley.

Hope this helps.

Dave K4JRB

> Does anyone use the Sommers antennas.  Like xp 804 with 40 meters.
> Thanks fellows.
> Dan

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