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[TowerTalk] EF-420/240

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Subject: [TowerTalk] EF-420/240
From: (Dave, AA6YQ)
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 15:16:31 -0500
Sorry about your disk problems; I hope you were able to recover most of your

I have a D-model 420/240 at 80', 10' below a 4BA. My QTH is outside Boston


  -- no mechanical problems since installation 3 years ago (tomorrow's
Nor'easter may be a challenge...)

  -- outstanding 20m performance

  -- effective 40m performance


  -- difficult tuning and relatively low F/B on 40m

  -- sensitive to rain and snow static

If I had to make the choice again, I'd consider the 520/340 for its better
40m F/B. Having just moved to New England when I selected the 420/240, I was
more concerned with survivability; at the time, N6BT suggested that the
420/240 with a 30' boom would be the better choice. The 520/340's boom is
36' in length, but I've since seen no reports of mechanical problems with
this antenna.


                Dave, AA6YQ

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> I hate to ask again but do to a hard drive failure I lost all e-mail's
> that were sent to me about the Force   12 EF-420/240 antenna.  So if you
> can and would please send me again listing the pro's and con's of this
> antenna.
> Thanks for this inconvenience.
> Dan
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