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[TowerTalk] Tower sled systems? and home built towers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower sled systems? and home built towers
From: (M. Whiteman)
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2001 19:49:34 -0500
I am also interested in home made towers and have found a few that have
been carried in QST and other mags over the years.
Here is a list of what I have found and the type of tower.

The ups and downs of towers -discussion on types and accessories -
Mechanical considerations in the construction of beamsand towers - choosing
adequate materials & dimensions -QST-May/57
The importance of proper tower and mast design - QST-Jan/96
A home constructed telescopic mast - 35' high, aluminum tubing - Radcom-
A telescopic mast - 20' lenghts of 5 1/2", 4 1/2" and 3" OD tubes -
The Paul Bunyan Whip - 60' unguyed tilt over mast -welded toger lengths of
4",3" and 2 1/2" steel casing -QST-Mar/63
The square rigger mast - 64' unguyed suppoet for large antenna areas -2
30' lengths of 4" and 6" square tubing -QST-Nov/68
A sturdy 80' mast - 4  20' lengths of 2" id galvanized iron pipe
Up the pole -the PW trolley mast - a mast climbing antenna trolley -
Practical Wireless - Aug/96
Amateur use of  telescoping masts- QST-May/95

Tower and rotator techniques - pt 1 - building a rugged mast from wood ?-
Build your own steel tower - sturdy skyhooks for beam antennas - windmill
type tower -QST-June/53
A 65' crank-up tower - low cost tower sonstruction using fence top rail
poles - QST-Aug/68
Safe tower for a city lot - welded up 10' sections in a 60' self supporter
- QST-Aug/58
90' for $100 - pointers on welding steel telescopic towers - QST-Mar/67
A 42' crank up, fold over tower - QST-June/71

As you can see from the above list, many of the towers towers have been
made from inedaquate materials such as wood and light duty tubing. I have
discarded some of my tower information because I felt that it was very
unsafe and not worth keeping ( i.e. an 80' tower made from 1 1/2" tubing
butt welded together.  Guy anchors made from 2"x8"x36" buried 3' into the
ground using 1/2 threaded rods. supports a tribander?). Many of the ideas
and formats are good but the materials need upgrading. I am not a
structural engineer of any sort so use the information at your own risk.
I have researched the methods and will be proceeding to build a 55' tower
based on the 65' crank-up tower in QST-Aug/68 method but upgrading the
tubing to 1 1/2 diameter 3/16ths wall.
I believe in comparing what I am building to what is commercially available
to ensure that material minimums are met and when in any doubt, ask
professional help.
If anyone wants to view a copy of any of the above, please get in touch
with me off list.


Jack wrote:

> It would be great to see some designs of Home Made Towers ans the
> diffrent desgns people come up with.
> Im interested in diffrent types of sled systems that go up the side and
> some that go around the tower to raise antennas up and down the tower.
> There are also some that use cable's as a guide system too.
> Looking for any ideas people may have thought of and put into use.
> Jack
> wb4roy
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