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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Installation Question???
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Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 09:26:05 EST
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> I am going to be installing a "heavy-duty" tv tower next week.  

    What is a 'heavy duty' tv tower? Delhi? Self-supporting? Does it need to 
be bracketed to the house?

> It is only 30 feet tall. I am going to attach it to the fascia board at the 
peak of
>  the roof.  How thick should the fascia board be to be a safe connection?
    The fascia board has nothing to do with it. Attaching a tower to it gives 
psychological security ONLY. What holds the fascia board on? A couple of 
nails, right? Those nails are what would be holding the tower and they are 

    If your tower does need to be attached to your house, you need to use 
through-bolts through the wall with backing plates inside probably along with 
some sort of stand-off housebracket like the Rohn ones to go from the outside 
wall to attach to the tower.

>  Any suggestions on what type of screws?
    If you're going to attach it to the fascia, use anything because they're 
not going to do much anyway.

Cheers,    Steve     K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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