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[TowerTalk] TicRing / C31 or 19 XR info?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TicRing / C31 or 19 XR info?
From: (Stan or Patricia Griffiths)
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 16:53:56 -0800
You probably covered this while I was asleep, but what about a
rotating gate sidemount?  Not all gate sidemounts are equal.  Some
will take antennas that others will not.  Check out the Custom
Metalworks sidemount on my web page at
<>  Pay particular
attention to the clearance diagram and compare it to any other
rotating gate sidemount out there and you will see what I am talking

As I understand it, our rotating gate sidemount is about 1/3 the cost
of a Tic Ring and all you really give up is 60 degrees of coverage
since it will cover the 300 degrees you want most.  How sharp is your
pattern anyway?  You can cover the "uncovered" 60 degrees with the
normal width of your pattern.  Most of us in the USA configure a
sidemounted antenna to miss the 60 degrees from about 150 degrees to
about 210 degrees since there is very little reason to point due
South (accept for Antartica and long-path Europe, and you would want
to use your tall antenna for long-path Europe anyway, I would think .
. . )


Steve wrote:

> Hi Mike and company, to be fair Carl at TIC Ring did offer
> to send a replacement ring assembly. I purchased two ring
> rotators and both showed the same out of round condition
> so I did not take Carl up on his offer for replacement
> ring assemblies. The ring rotators are usually used at
> contest stations so you can imagine how low volume an item
> like the ring rotator is. The other choice is to rotate
> the whole tower which get very expensive with height and
> does not offer the flexibility of the ring set up. The
> other choice is to build one from scratch and spend a few
> hundred hours to get it working right, just a matter of
> time, money and what your goal is.
> 73 Steve
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