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Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 10:31:19 EST
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> A local has a 100 foot Rohn 25 with a C4XL atop ... last fall while
>  cleaning out
>  the grape vines in the garden with a back hoe, the front loader was up in
>  the
>  air and the driver caught one of the guys with the front loader and pulled
>  mighty hard before he discovered what was happening.   Result is that
>  one of the tower legs is doglegged / bent quite noticeably, like mebbe 2"
>  inside tower from vertical ... bend is just a few inches above the top of
>  the concrete base in which the tower sits.

    His homeowner's insurance covers this kind of thing. Put in a claim and 
get a quote from a professional tower company to repair it. 

    ALL of the tower compressive forces wind up at the bottom of the tower 
where your damage is so it's a timebomb waiting to go off. While Weber County 
is a 70 MPH windspeed zone (the lowest rating they give), it does present a 
potential liability exposure for the owner and his insurance company.

    (I never say anything like this but here's an alternative.) Get an 
engineer to inspect it and possibly design/fabricate a 'splint' or 'cripple' 
arrangement for the damaged leg. The forces aren't huge and Rohn towers 
historically have shown that they can take 'some' abuse without failure. If 
you over-engineer it and are REAL CAREFUL, there's no reason why it can't be 
a viable repair method. It could be like a scar where the scarred tissue is 
stronger than the surrounding skin. Same thing with welds. 

    I would prefer that you pursue the first option though. 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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