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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stealth Antennas
From: (Dave N6NZ)
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 23:13:04 -0800
hmmmm... tile roof? In the South West?  Perhaps also stucco walls?  thinks 
this transplanted midwesterner as he imagines a Spanish (sorta) style home. 
If so, be aware that stucco is put on over a wire grid... that in my 
experience is a shockingly effective Faraday cage up through 1.2GHz.  In 
any case, tile roofs often have great heaping loads of metal flashing that 
you will want to be aware of.

My personal stealth experience is a CC&R'ed townhome with stucco walls and 
tile roof.  Any useful radiator needs to be as far away from either as 
possible.  My solution was to walk around the complex looking for all the 
parts of my roof that were hard for board members to see. Then I ran a wire 
along and around those places, and brought one end down to an auto-magic 
tuner that hung under the eaves in the back.  Performance sucked, but it 
sucked less than sitting around imagining what it would be like to be on 
the air.

GL es 73,
Dave N6NZ

At 10:59 PM 3/6/01 -0500, Wes Cosand wrote:
>I would think if the roof is clay or cement tiles then an attic antenna 
>might work OK.
>Or you might mount a doublet under the eaves at a gable end with the 
>center insulator just at the peak.  If it isn't too conspicuous and you 
>want a longer antenna, then run the wires around the corners and down the 
>length of the building on each side.  Some quite professional 
>installations use one of the automatic solid state tuners mounted right at 
>the center insulator at the gable peak (or on the interior side of the 
>gable wall).  Or else mount a balun (4:1?? if you are going to force feed 
>a non- resonant doublet) and run a short length of RG-213 to a tuner in 
>the shack.
>Maybe somebody else has a better idea.
>Wes, WZ7I/3
>At 09:34 01/03/06 , you wrote:
>>Although a bit off the topic, I would appreciate the collective wisdom of
>>the assembled:
>>I recently moved from Maine to Arizona and am currently "between towers."
>>The plan is to build a tower farm on a 10 acre plot that I purchased in
>>Central Arizona; more on that later. Today's challenge is that I want to put
>>up something here at the main (wife's) QTH to use in the interim and
>>whenever I am stuck here. HF is the only interest and 10, 15 &/or 20 would
>>be all that I need. I would run 100W or so (the Alpha is in storage).
>>The QTH is in a VERY tightly controlled CC&R development so whatever I due
>>must truely be stealth. I was thinking a low dipole under the back eaves or
>>possibly a mobile antenna. A vertical would be too obvious. I'm not sure
>>that an attic antenna will work because the house has tiles for a roof
>>covering. There are no gutters & there is no possibility of a flagpole. The
>>property & the back yard are relatively small.
>>Anyone have any experiance in a similar situation or have any ideas? Wild
>>ones are OK. Are there any books available on this topic? Thanks in advance.
>>Bruce, K1MY/7
>>Sunny Sun Lakes, Arizona
>>where today it is 75 degrees again
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