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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advise Please
From: (Mark .)
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 09:12:24 -0500
<<  snip...Result is that one of the tower legs is doglegged / bent quite 
noticeably, like mebbe 2" inside tower from vertical ... bend is just a few 
inches above the top of the concrete base in which the tower sits....snip.. 
de Dave nc7w >>

Wow Dave,
Sure sounds like failure in compression in the tower leg to me, resulting in 
buckling. Thank goodness the steel they use is ductile enough to bend 
without breaking catastrophically.
The comment to see about insurance coverage for the damage is right-on. I 
haven't seen much discussion in the past about tower repair methods. 
professional help is definitely required.
I would venture a guess, as a starring point, to help plan for the expense 
or cost estimate for insurance purposes, that a crane would be required to 
lift the tower while the damaged bottom secion was replaced. Perhaps this 
could be done without scrapping the entire installation. A bucket truck 
might also be required for a worker to safely attach the lifting sling for 
the crane's initial lift, as it may be deemed too risky to climb. This might 
also be accomplished using a cage hoisted by the crane.
Once the crane has taken the weight of the tower, the guys will have to be 
slacked and released for the lift. Damaged guying hardware will also have to 
be replaced. Good luck.
Anyone with more experience want to add more ideas?


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