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Subject: [TowerTalk] Advise Please
From: Roger Borowski" < (Roger Borowski)
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 10:06:49 -0500
Sounded to me that the damaged section was embedded, and part of
the concrete base, adding a bit more to the problem of repair. I
cant help but wonder if a piece of angle iron couldn't be welded
to the leg in question, both above and below the area of concern,
restoring structural integrity? If insurance will pay for a new
base installation, that would be the way to go.

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> <<  snip...Result is that one of the tower legs is doglegged /
bent quite
> noticeably, like mebbe 2" inside tower from vertical ... bend is
just a few
> inches above the top of the concrete base in which the tower
> de Dave nc7w >>
> Wow Dave,
> Sure sounds like failure in compression in the tower leg to me,
resulting in
> buckling. Thank goodness the steel they use is ductile enough to
> without breaking catastrophically.
> The comment to see about insurance coverage for the damage is
right-on. I
> haven't seen much discussion in the past about tower repair
> professional help is definitely required.
> I would venture a guess, as a starring point, to help plan for
the expense
> or cost estimate for insurance purposes, that a crane would be
required to
> lift the tower while the damaged bottom secion was replaced.
Perhaps this
> could be done without scrapping the entire installation. A
bucket truck
> might also be required for a worker to safely attach the lifting
sling for
> the crane's initial lift, as it may be deemed too risky to
climb. This might
> also be accomplished using a cage hoisted by the crane.
> Once the crane has taken the weight of the tower, the guys will
have to be
> slacked and released for the lift. Damaged guying hardware will
also have to
> be replaced. Good luck.
> Anyone with more experience want to add more ideas?
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