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I really like your simple and straight forward idea. I do have dated
pictures of my Idaho towers installations, dated copies of the permits and
dated post installation inspection reports by the county, but a picture with
a self-reporting time stamp such as a child never occurred to me. I will be
enlisting the aid of one of the neighbor's children as soon as the snow
diminishes enough to approach the tower bases.



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Within the past month I had an experience which could benefit readers of
this reflector. It was not the first time I've been involved in such a
circumstance. As a result of those occurrences, I urge each reader to
take a very easy step.

A ham repaired a damaged antenna support structure. A new neighbor,
seeing the repair crew, thought a new structure was being erected,
without a building permit, and complained to the Building Inspector.

The Building Inspector, also relatively new, and understanding that the
town bylaws with respect to amateur radio antennas had changed within the
past few years, asked the ham to prove that the structure was a "prior
existing use."

Fortunately we had some town records to show the issuance of a building
permit many years ago. But the Building Inspector wanted to know when the
structure was erected, not just when the building permit was issued.

So, dear reader, I urge you to go outside tomorrow with a child (borrow
one if necessary) and take a photo showing the antenna system and the
child.  A doubter might argue that you put a fraudulent date on a photo,
but it would certainly be difficult to argue with photos showing the same
human being in the photo when s/he was 5 years old and now that s/he is

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