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[TowerTalk] Everything is too dangerous

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Everything is too dangerous
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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 18:20:54 +0100
> It's true.  The US has turned into a nervous
> hand-wringing old lady whose afraid of her own shadow.
>  I've been spending a lot of time in Italy and France,
> and we are becoming the butt of the joke if not an
> outright laughingstock over there.

Yup, this assumption is not far away from reality...

IMHO, Brian, K3KO hit the bull's eye with his posting about innovation,
experimenting and it's relation to amateur radio. 

What makes me extremely sad is seeing that an email reflector, like
Towertalk, where one is supposed to help one another with practical advice's
without trying to pursue his own financial interest has become a channel of
not-even-hidden classified advertisements. 

If someone asks a question here, the answer is "buy this" or "you need this
and that product" but at least "don't even consider anything, which is not
clearly stated in the specs". 

The weirdest thing I've read here when a poor soul from W5 was convinced
lately to sell his own self-supporting steel tower instead of erecting it
because of lack of original blueprints... 

This hobby was always about experimenting AND engineering and it should
remain so. 

73 de Zoli HA1AG

who erects and maintains his towers himselfs and is still alive (and not
even sued to bankrupcy)

> --- alsopb <> wrote:
> > I guess in the US society has progressed to the
> > point where
> > "experimenters" and do it yourselfer's are no longer
> > tolerated. 
> > Almost anything has to be done by a certified,
> > licensed and heavily
> > insured entity.  
> > 
> > Too bad, the Ham Radio hobby was supposed to foster
> > experimentation.
> > 
> > Imagine how far we WOULDN'T have come if Armstrong
> > couldn't have built
> > his 400' wooden towers to prove that FM works. 
> > Imagine if Watt's
> > steam engine was deemed to dangerous an experiment. 
> > Coal? Too
> > dangerous to mine.  And heaven forbid, who would
> > ever sanction using
> > an explosive and flammable liquid like gasoline to
> > power personal
> > autos.  
> > 
> > 73 de Brian/K3KO

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