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[TowerTalk] Portable tower for wire beam

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Portable tower for wire beam
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Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 12:38:26 -0500
Hello All,
I am planning an antenna for our club to use this summer for a special event 
station adjacent to a lighthouse on a sandy island in Chesapeake Bay.

I acquired two very nice, 33' telecoping fiberglass masts made by DK9SQ in 
Germany and imported by Kanga US. See their web site at:

These appear to be made specifically for holding up antennas. They have 10 
sections and collapse down to less than 48" long. They only weigh 2.2 

My plan is to support these on top of domestic, Channel-Master push-up poles 
(available at Lowe's home centers) for a total reach of about 60 feet. This 
is nearly 1/2 wavelength on 40m.

I want to make a 2 element, 40 meter inverted VEE wire beam. As a starting 
point, I was planning to make the driven element a resonant dipole on 40m, 
fed with lightweight twinlead. After finding the resonant length for the 
wire I'm using, I would make a director of the exact same wire, measuring 5% 
shorter than the driven element length, and place it 0.15 wavelengths in 
front, in the desired direction (toward the US).
I haven't modeled this, but thought some of you that are more experienced 
might offer some suggestions for fine tuning the design. I'm not looking for 
fully optimized design, of course, so please steer me in the right direction 
for an effective, 2 element wire beam.


Gloucester, VA (W4HZL club effort)
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