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From: Bob Otto <> (Bob Otto)
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 13:54:39 -0500
Hello alsopb,

Interesting point, but not entirely fair.  While it is acceptable, and
encouraged, for HAMs to experiment, it is NOT acceptable to experiment
in a way that could cause harm to other people.  Would you have wanted
that first steam engine to be tested/experimented with right next to
your children's bedroom??   If I remember correctly, this thread
started because someone asked about how to repair a damaged tower. The
discussion took two directions.  The first was how it might be
repaired, and whether it was advisable to repair a damaged tower with
"homebrew" repairs.   One suggestion that I personally cringed at when
I read it was that the person put a "splint" on the damaged leg and
hold it on with hose clamps.  My personal opinion is that such a
repair would be very dangerous, and would jeopardize anyone in the
area of the tower.

The second thread that developed was whether by suggesting that the
original poster NOT repair the tower himself, respondents were somehow
saying that making towers, or experimenting with towers was bad.
Again, my personal opinion is there is no reason why we shouldn't
experiment as long as the experiment will not cause others to be at
risk as a result of our actions.    Within that thread, someone
pointed out that we seem to answer based on US cultural answers, and
that for some counties, "invention", or making things like towers is a
necessity due to economic issues, material availability, etc.  I
tended to agree with this -- we do have a multicultural list and
things are different in other countries.  I guess the proper way to
think about this is -- will the homebrew or experiment put others in
jeopardy.  If the answer is yes, it shouldn't be done no matter what
country it's in.

Make sense?

73 from.......

Bob Otto
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Friday, March 09, 2001, 8:01:11 AM, you wrote:

a> I guess in the US society has progressed to the point where
a> "experimenters" and do it yourselfer's are no longer tolerated. 
a> Almost anything has to be done by a certified, licensed and heavily
a> insured entity.  

a> Too bad, the Ham Radio hobby was supposed to foster experimentation.

a> Imagine how far we WOULDN'T have come if Armstrong couldn't have built
a> his 400' wooden towers to prove that FM works.  Imagine if Watt's
a> steam engine was deemed to dangerous an experiment.  Coal? Too
a> dangerous to mine.  And heaven forbid, who would ever sanction using
a> an explosive and flammable liquid like gasoline to power personal
a> autos.  

a> 73 de Brian/K3KO

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