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     I was involved in an accident (MVA type) that was not my
fault.  The lawyers were calling me wanting to take my case for a
percentage of the settlement.  Yes, this happened in Westerville
Ohio.  I told them there was no case to take.  I had settled the
repair of my auto with the father of the girl who hit me and his
insurance carrier.
     I have to agree with you.  To many lawyers and too many
people want to sue to make an easy bank roll.

     On the quality of life issue.  While I was in the Navy on a
port visit in Somalia late one night we were returning to the ship.
The car in front of us hit a young boy about age 10-11.  The driver
jumps out of the car and grabbed the boy and tossed him into the
ocean.  He jumped back into his car and went on his way.  Our
driver just sit there and said something like "more food for the
sharks."  Somalia wasn't a friendly place back in '81 and I don't
think things have gotten much better since then.


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Hello towertalk,

      "I was once in Pakistan, and saw a blocked main sewer - the
manhole cover in the street had been taken off and the contents (you
can imagine this bit !) were flooding out on to the road. To clear the
blockage, a guy stripped down to his underwear, grabbed the end of a
safety rope, and went in head-first - he was under about 20 seconds.
Now, imagine how this problem would be dealt with in the 'first world'
- safety suits, breathing equipment, electronic blockage-location
equipment, etc. etc. - this is the kind of differences that exist in
the world."

Does this mean that the way we live is wrong??  You find this kind of
situation where human life has little or no value.  Yes, our rules are
tough -- sometimes they border on silly such as (at least on the
surface of it) the helmet rule for California.  Yes, we have too
damned many lawyers <G> But let me ask the group, would anyone trade
those rules, and the quality of life that goes with them, for some
other set?? Perhaps another good question would be, would you suggest
**your** son strip down and dive in that sewer line??  Would you have
him work in the mines we had 100 years ago, before all the lawyers and
the politicians changed the way we live?? I think NOT!   I think it's
fun to poke at our rules, and our conservatism, but if your neighbors
"experiment" in repairing his tower meant that it fell on your house
and killed your child -- you'd be on the phone calling YOUR LAWYER in
a heartbeat!!

One other thought -- is it the lawyers who are to blame for this
litigious society??  Or is it we Americans who think that every
disaster that happens must have someone pay for it??  Is it **US**
that are to blame??  Who calls the lawyer to start a suit??  Who has
the expectation that if something bad happens -- someone should pay?

Finally, what the hell does all this have to do with putting my new
C31XR up??  <laugh>

Have a good day gang.

73 from....

Bob Otto
Cincinnati, Ohio

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1:59:29 PM

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