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From: (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 20:00:31 -0000
No Bob, I didn't mean at all that the way you live is wrong !!!! The reason
I included that item on Pakistan was to try and emphasise just how different
things can be, and what others HAVE to put up with, because I think that a
lot of people in the 'First World' REALLY don't know how lucky they are. Of
course it would be better to have EVERYTHING done safely, but for a lot of
people, that just isn't an option. We, in the West, have better access to
information about how things can and should be done, and the Internet is a
great way to spread that information about.

Tim, EI8IC

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> Hello towertalk,
>       "I was once in Pakistan, and saw a blocked main sewer - the
> manhole cover in the street had been taken off and the contents (you
> can imagine this bit !) were flooding out on to the road. To clear the
> blockage, a guy stripped down to his underwear, grabbed the end of a
> safety rope, and went in head-first - he was under about 20 seconds.
> Now, imagine how this problem would be dealt with in the 'first world'
> - safety suits, breathing equipment, electronic blockage-location
> equipment, etc. etc. - this is the kind of differences that exist in
> the world."
> Does this mean that the way we live is wrong??  You find this kind of
> situation where human life has little or no value.  Yes, our rules are
> tough -- sometimes they border on silly such as (at least on the
> surface of it) the helmet rule for California.  Yes, we have too
> damned many lawyers <G> But let me ask the group, would anyone trade
> those rules, and the quality of life that goes with them, for some
> other set?? Perhaps another good question would be, would you suggest
> **your** son strip down and dive in that sewer line??  Would you have
> him work in the mines we had 100 years ago, before all the lawyers and
> the politicians changed the way we live?? I think NOT!   I think it's
> fun to poke at our rules, and our conservatism, but if your neighbors
> "experiment" in repairing his tower meant that it fell on your house
> and killed your child -- you'd be on the phone calling YOUR LAWYER in
> a heartbeat!!
> One other thought -- is it the lawyers who are to blame for this
> litigious society??  Or is it we Americans who think that every
> disaster that happens must have someone pay for it??  Is it **US**
> that are to blame??  Who calls the lawyer to start a suit??  Who has
> the expectation that if something bad happens -- someone should pay?
> Finally, what the hell does all this have to do with putting my new
> C31XR up??  <laugh>
> Have a good day gang.
> 73 from....
> Bob Otto
> Cincinnati, Ohio
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> 1:59:29 PM
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