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[TowerTalk] Everything is dangerous

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Everything is dangerous
From: (Dan)
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2001 18:08:34 -0800
Brad, You hit the nail square on the head. My friend who is a lawyer and
now retired said several years ago they should have a drawing every 15
minutes and execute a lawyer by picking every other one. I said Bill
what about you. He said by the time he got through the list he would be
ready to go and it did not matter.

If you check and see what the heads of all of the Charity outfits make
and all of the perks they get you would understand why it is a big time
deal to suck money out of all of the people by scaring them half to
death with total BS about an awful lot of things.

You have to remember that lawyers make a lot of money enforcing and
fighting CC&R's with regards to towers and all sort of things.

Laws are made BY LAWYERS and FOR LAWYERS to keep us all in line and to
line their bank accounts with our hard earned money.

Sad thing is TOOO many of US stand by and let them RAPE us for their
Just ask 100 people or even 10 people did they vote with full knowledge
in the last federal election. maybe 2%, the rest, my vote does not make
any difference, tied up at work could not get there in time, forgot,
never vote. But listen to them cry when something does not go their way.

I have been around the world 122 times and 105 countries that I can
remember, seen a lot of things that you do not even want to hear about
and seen more. There is nothing in the world like stepping off of a
plane onto US soil and being able to do or say what you please, that is
in the process of going by the wayside due to the care less attitude of
the people of America.

One of these days when all of a sudden you have to have an ID card to go
from city to city or across a state line maybe some one might wake up.

FFAaaaalllliiiinnnngggg ooofff ooofff the podium.
Sorry But from my heart. 


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