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Subject: [TowerTalk] Portable tower for wire beam
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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 21:56:31 -0600
I recommend a REFLECTOR array for better gain-bandwidth.

Last year I installed a wire 2L 40 reflector array inverted vee
style at our field day site (K4BFT).  For the first time ever,
we beat the 20M station and W1 / VE's were calling us
which is quite rare.  The reflector was 70 ft and the elements
were pulled out 100 ft to each side.  The boom was a 1/4 inch
rope pulled over two 50 ft high baseball field light fixtures
after shooting a fishing line over them with a sling shot.
Element spacing was 20 ft.  The beam was aimed North
(from ALA) and for the west coast, we use a vertically 
polarized Delta Loop fed 1/4 WL down from the apex
which is supported at 50 ft and aimed broadside to W6/7.

de Tom  N4KG

On Fri, 09 Mar 2001  "Mark ." <> writes:
> Hello All,
> I am planning an antenna for our club to use this summer for a 
> special event 
> station adjacent to a lighthouse on a sandy island in Chesapeake 
> Bay.
> I acquired two very nice, 33' telecoping fiberglass masts made by 
> DK9SQ in 
> Germany and imported by Kanga US. See their web site at:
> These appear to be made specifically for holding up antennas. They 
> have 10 
> sections and collapse down to less than 48" long. They only weigh 
> 2.2 
> pounds.
> My plan is to support these on top of domestic, Channel-Master 
> push-up poles 
> (available at Lowe's home centers) for a total reach of about 60 
> feet. This 
> is nearly 1/2 wavelength on 40m.
> I want to make a 2 element, 40 meter inverted VEE wire beam. As a 
> starting 
> point, I was planning to make the driven element a resonant dipole 
> on 40m, 
> fed with lightweight twinlead. After finding the resonant length for 
> the 
> wire I'm using, I would make a director of the exact same wire, 
> measuring 5% 
> shorter than the driven element length, and place it 0.15 
> wavelengths in 
> front, in the desired direction (toward the US).
> I haven't modeled this, but thought some of you that are more 
> experienced 
> might offer some suggestions for fine tuning the design. I'm not 
> looking for 
> fully optimized design, of course, so please steer me in the right 
> direction 
> for an effective, 2 element wire beam.
> thanks,
> --...MARK_N1LO...--
> Gloucester, VA (W4HZL club effort)
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