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From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 03:45:49 -0000
I saw an article in QST ( I think not real sure) about a Ham in a situation 
like yours. He could put up a tower or a dipole because of neighborhood 
restrictions. His solution was to run a wire around the inside of the wooden 
fence around his backyard. He ran it just under the top of the fence and 
used a tuner to match it.
If I remember right he said it work fairly well and no one has ever noticed 
it. If I found the article I will post where I found it

>>Although a bit off the topic, I would appreciate the collective wisdom of
>the assembled:
>I recently moved from Maine to Arizona and am currently "between towers."
>The plan is to build a tower farm on a 10 acre plot that I purchased in
>Central Arizona; more on that later. Today's challenge is that I want to 
>up something here at the main (wife's) QTH to use in the interim and
>whenever I am stuck here. HF is the only interest and 10, 15 &/or 20 would
>be all that I need. I would run 100W or so (the Alpha is in storage).
>The QTH is in a VERY tightly controlled CC&R development so whatever I due
>must truely be stealth. I was thinking a low dipole under the back eaves or
>possibly a mobile antenna. A vertical would be too obvious. I'm not sure
>that an attic antenna will work because the house has tiles for a roof
>covering. There are no gutters & there is no possibility of a flagpole. The
>property & the back yard are relatively small.
>Anyone have any experiance in a similar situation or have any ideas? Wild
>ones are OK. Are there any books available on this topic? Thanks in 
>Bruce, K1MY/7
>Sunny Sun Lakes, Arizona
>where today it is 75 degrees again
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