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[TowerTalk] Raising Push Up masts

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Raising Push Up masts
From: (Dana Roode)
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 18:26:36 -0800
Towertalkans --

This isn't exactly a tower question, but Im looking for suggestions on raising a
push-up mast (various circumstances preclude a tower at this time).  I have read
countless times about folks having a tribander up 30' or so on a mast - home
use, DXpeditions, field day, etc.  What's the secret of getting one up without
alot of work?

I've got a Rohn H50 telescoping mast, normally 44' tall, but I have removed the
top section and added 10" additional overlap between the remaining 4 sections. 
The total height is about 32'.  The plan was to put my A3 tribander on top, but
I started with a small 3 element 10 meter beam.  Rohn says "don't tilt up the
mast" so I set the mast vertical telescoped into the first section with the
bottom guys.  I put the rotor and 10m beam on top, then my brother and I
telescoped it up.  However, it was very heavy, and we only got it up to 25' and

Now I want to put the A3 on, and its 10lbs or so heavier than the 10 meter
beam.  What's the secret?  Should I tilt it up contrary to Rohn's instructions
(there is more than the normal overlap between sections after all)?  How is it
usually done at DXpeditions and on Field Day?  Is there a device I can make to
help pull up the inner sections? 

  Dana, K6NR

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