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Subject: [TowerTalk] New antenna theory forum
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Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 08:10:53 EST
Hello, TowerTalkians --

    Two things. There is an online antenna magazine called that 
offers many articles on all kinds of antennas. It's been around for several 
years and contributors include LB Cebik,W4RNL, Jack Belrose, VE2CV and 
others. Their website is <A HREF=""></A>
 if you want to take a look. You need to be a subscriber but I don't know how 
much it costs.

    Also, they have introduced a new forum for antenna theory. There are many 
TowerTalkians interested in antenna designs so this would be a good place to 
go for these types of discussions (whereas TowerTalk is primarily for tower 
and HF antenna CONSTRUCTION topics). Here's a press release about it:



We are pleased to announce that a new Forum called ANTENNA THEORY FORUM has
been set up for open discussion of antennas, what they are and how they
work. Feel free to visit often and discuss the lessons of the "old masters"
or any new theories that may be evolving and/or that you are wondering
about. New ideas are welcome too.

This new Forum is now ready for postings at:

This is another service by antenneX provided for the pleasure of our readers
and visitors alike! It is sincerely hoped many will visit frequently and be
active participants! Don't be shy, but just remember to be polite!

Thanks for your time,
Best reGARDS,

Jack L. Stone, Publisher
antenneX Online Magazine
<A HREF=""></A>    >>

Cheers,    Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech 
TT Admin
Champion Radio Products

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