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[TowerTalk] VK4VKD Home Brew Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] VK4VKD Home Brew Tower
From: (Tim Makins, EI8IC)
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 17:23:33 -0000
I bought a copy of the video tape he advertises - its quite good though he
rambles on a bit, and never gets around to telling you anything about how to
build the antenna-sled. You'd need to watch the video a few times and make
notes as it goes along - there are no exact plans.
The construction methods are fairly well explained, but I couldn't find any
definite specs on the towers, such as how high you could safely go etc. He
seems a knowledgeable character who has built a large number of these, but I
guess that once you've drawn the design out, get it checked by someone else
before you go ahead, especially if you are going much past 40 feet.

Tim, EI8IC

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Sent: 11 March 2001 14:19
Subject: [TowerTalk] Home Brew Tower

> Months ago, I raised the question of home-brewing a tower ... forgetting
> put on my asbestos jeans first. That was interesting. There were virtually
> no positive responses at that time, but recently the thread has been
> with some comments not entirely opposed to the notion. I guess it takes
> for an idea to become less intimidating.
> I'm definitely no tech genius or engineer, and I couldn't design a
> toothpick, but that hasn't stopped me from building a bunch of my own
> over the years.
> I guess I'm just barely smart enough to know other people's good ideas
> the bad...some of the time. Also lucky, I suppose.
> I try to be sure that, if I err, it's on the side of own and
> others.  For example, I would never build anything where there was any
> chance of it falling over on anything valuable... like a kid or a house or
> car.  That would be stupid, and I'm only crazy.
> Now I see VK4VKD's "One-Man Tower" idea and it looks like a pretty good
> to me...(but what do I know?)
> His list of "goals" is almost identical to mine:
> 1. Free standing, no guy wires.
> 2. No risking my friends' lives putting it up.
> 3. No climbing, or hiring a cherry picker, to install antenna arrays.
> 4. Ability to lower antennas during storms, high winds, & while away.
> 5. Affordable.
> Maybe some of you could take a look and advise your opinions?
> TIA,  Jerry K3MGT (now properly dressed)
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