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Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 20:52:44 EST
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>  Since the new concrete won't bond to the old, and it is likely
>  that there will be unseen corrosion happening at the junction
>  of the old & new concrete, from that point on the tower should be
>  considered a single point base structure. IOW, during removal,
>  it should be assumed that the base has zero bending resistance.

If nervous, I would drill few holes in old concakrete base, insert some 
screws/rebars sticking out to new "base", set them in setting compound, use 
bonding compound between two concretes, and if still nervous use metal ring 
(weld it to anchored rebars) as a form and leave it there. Painted it would 
look sharp and be stronger than anything below, without civil engineers and 
lawyers present. It will be still cheaper than consultation with lawyer :-)
If you are drilling and hear a scream, it might be Jimmy Hoffa.

the hamming professional Eng.

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