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[TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar

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Subject: [TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar
From: (Bill)
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 07:30:51 -0600
I have seen this suggestion many times.
First let me state my credentials. I was a licensed mason/concrete
contractor in Chicago specializing in masonry/concrete repair/masonry to
Landmark buildings and high rises in the city for many years till

I am very reluctant to tell you what to do. But my experience has shown
me that steel covered with tar will rust or deteriorate more
quickly/severely than the same steel properly primed, prepared
galvanized, painted and of course inspected/maintained.
No matter how carefully tar is applied to steel, there will be some
demarcation point that in just a short time will allow a entry point for

Water, and winters ice, are the culprits. The trapped moisture and air
will soon work it's magic. And it will do it out of sight.

Tower bases and/or steel that I secure in concrete will be properly rust
They will be set so as to allow drainage of the tubing.
Concrete can be assisted in bonding by the application of 'Abatrol', a
concrete bonding mixture.

Of course inspection, sounding, and maintenance is the key.

Flame shields are in place.

Beauty is skin deep; ugly goes right to the bone.

Bill H. in Chicagoland

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