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[TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar

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Subject: [TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 09:28:47 -0500
I respect your opinion but many ham towers are already galvanized, and they
still need a protective coating when buried in concrete or soil. I have seen
first hand that galvanized towers have developed deep heavy rust at or just
below the concrete exit area. Also I have personally seen the results of
unprotected towers exposed to various soils. Further, I have seen galvanized
coated steel guy wires rust to the point of failing. A friend lost 150' of
Rohn 55 because he attached the guywires to a buried block of  concrete, and
then filled in the hole with red clay soil. The underground portion of the
guys rusted to the point of failing. I have no credentials, I just know what
I see, and I've seen buried galvanized tower turn to pure rust if not coated
with some protective material. I do admit that this a geographic and burial
material sensitive subject. The chemical reaction of these materials is way
beyond my weak mind, but they do happen in certain circumstances, I have
seen the rusted tower sections first hand.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar

> I have seen this suggestion many times.
> First let me state my credentials. I was a licensed mason/concrete
> contractor in Chicago specializing in masonry/concrete repair/masonry to
> Landmark buildings and high rises in the city for many years till
> retirement.
> I am very reluctant to tell you what to do. But my experience has shown
> me that steel covered with tar will rust or deteriorate more
> quickly/severely than the same steel properly primed, prepared
> galvanized, painted and of course inspected/maintained.
> No matter how carefully tar is applied to steel, there will be some
> demarcation point that in just a short time will allow a entry point for
> water.
> Water, and winters ice, are the culprits. The trapped moisture and air
> will soon work it's magic. And it will do it out of sight.
> Tower bases and/or steel that I secure in concrete will be properly rust
> proofed.
> They will be set so as to allow drainage of the tubing.
> Concrete can be assisted in bonding by the application of 'Abatrol', a
> concrete bonding mixture.
> Of course inspection, sounding, and maintenance is the key.
> Flame shields are in place.
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