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[TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar

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Subject: [TowerTalk] coating tower legs with tar
From: baycock@HIWAAY.NET (Bill Aycock)
Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 08:47:05 -0600
Bill- I respect your credentials, but- one of the prime rules preached here
on Tower Talk is to do what the manufacturer recommends. Rohn says to use a
Bitumen coating in some cases, so- what is the conflict based on, and what
reason do they have for that directive that differs from your observations?

An additional observation- I have bought screw-type earth anchors for other
projects, and used the type sold for anchoring house-trailers-- those are
coated with tar, and I have seen them taken out after many years in the
ground, still in a functional, sound condition.

Is there something unique to Chicago, (other than salt and wind) that
supports your position, but does not apply to many of the rest of us? I
really would like to know.

Bill- W4BSG

At 07:30 AM 3/12/01 -0600, you wrote:

>I have seen this suggestion many times.
>First let me state my credentials. I was a licensed mason/concrete
>contractor in Chicago specializing in masonry/concrete repair/masonry to
>Landmark buildings and high rises in the city for many years till
>I am very reluctant to tell you what to do. But my experience has shown
>me that steel covered with tar will rust or deteriorate more
>quickly/severely than the same steel properly primed, prepared
>galvanized, painted and of course inspected/maintained.
>No matter how carefully tar is applied to steel, there will be some
>demarcation point that in just a short time will allow a entry point for
>Water, and winters ice, are the culprits. The trapped moisture and air
>will soon work it's magic. And it will do it out of sight.
>Tower bases and/or steel that I secure in concrete will be properly rust
>They will be set so as to allow drainage of the tubing.
>Concrete can be assisted in bonding by the application of 'Abatrol', a
>concrete bonding mixture.
>Of course inspection, sounding, and maintenance is the key.
>Flame shields are in place.
>Beauty is skin deep; ugly goes right to the bone.
>Bill H. in Chicagoland
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