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[TowerTalk] LP-20 HD Instruction manual

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Subject: [TowerTalk] LP-20 HD Instruction manual
From: (Tor-Björn Nylund)
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 19:23:04 +0200
Greetings from Finland my friends.

I am still searching the instruction manual for my 
new-never-used-but-paper-lost DXEngineering LP-20 HD logperiodic antenna. So if 
any of you even have a glue, where to ask this paper / copy of it, please let 
me know.
An other question is that what would happened, if I put this log 14-30Mc (36f 
boom / 13elem.) and CC XM240 (22f boom / 2elem.) 7Mc up, so that the log is in 
115 feet and the yagi is 10-11 feet upper. How much they have interaction each 
other? I know there has been some problems written before, but this XM240 has 
new design and different boomlength, than the older one (402). I would 
appreciate if someone could simulate this in the computer and tell me, because 
I have no programs for that myself.
Third question. Could I add one element for 10.1Mc. to the xm240? how to feed 
it? Where to put it in the boom to have minimum interaction? Can I put it 
somewhere bethween the xm240's 7Mc elements and feed it individually? Or should 
I put it front of the driven elem. of xm240 and drive it as a log? Or as open 
sleev? How far front?

I hope this is the right forum to ask these Q's. If not, I am very sorry. and I 
will qsy to 

73's, Tor Nylund / OH2BV

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