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Subject: [TowerTalk] LOOS gauge ramblings
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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 12:00:12 -0600
A sign in our EMC Lab read:

"One experiment is worth a thousand opinions"

Anybody want to MEASURE the difference?

How about making a guy with a piece of philystran,
a long (10 ft) piece of EHS followed by a short  (4ft)
piece of EHS, using guy grips, and a turnbuckle.

Tension this between two solid supports and observe
the LOOS gauge reading on the short and long pieces
of EHS?

de  Tom  N4KG

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001 00:45:35 +0000 alsopb <> writes:
> I started thinking more about the question I had posed about the LOOS
> tension gauge being used to measure tension on a small piece of EHS
> attached to phylistrand.
> Here's a thought experiment I proposed.  It was what got me thinking
> about how accurate the LOOS gauge is on a short section of EHS 
> flanked
> by big grips.
> The length of the EHS section is just equal to the length between 
> the
> Loose attach point and the readout scale.  Big grips on either side. 
> In this case, it would seem to be that it would take quite a bit 
> more
> downward force to obtain the same deflection one would get for a 
> long
> piece of the same EHS.  If the two ends of the EHS were physically
> clamped in a vice, I'm sure it would take a MUCH larger downward
> force.  Does the presence of husky big grips partially simulate 
> these
> vices. 
> I'm beginning to think that one needs a section at least twice the
> length of the gauge to get a meaningful result.  
> If the above is not true, I'd really like to have some technically
> savvy person explain to me how the gauge really does work correctly 
> in
> these cases.
> de Brian/K3KO
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