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Subject: [TowerTalk] W-I-D-E Arrays
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Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 21:42:55 -0700 (MST)
This far north, stacking vertical antennas such as the typical 6/6/6/6
arrangement is not typically useful - only the top two generally
contribute to gain at DX angles. That may not be as true for 10m - haven't
played with that one much yet. Here tops are at 160' (20m 5/5/5/) and
145' for both of the 7/7/7//7 10m and 6/6/6/6/ 15m stacks. 

What about stacking say, 4 yagis at the same height, all in the same
direction? i.e. echelon.  I am not concerned with rotating them and I have
the physical issues under control. Famous last words. The greek symbol
"pi" pretty well sizes it up - but with out the squiggle . I am thinking
out loud, but envision the 20m version to be at 120' and use the 48' boom
OWA 20m design. Was hoping to keep the horizontal boom 200' or less.  15
and 10m versions could go at lower height, possibly with more yagis.

My questions, as one who is not conversant with modeling, what is the
resulting pattern like and what is the optimum and minimum boom to boom
spacing? Gain (both SSB/CW) is more important than f/b or f/s pattern in
this case. I have other antennas to handle that.

I'd like to do this on 15 and 10 as well. It sounds easy when you say it
fast. In the reality of the too short Alberta aluminum growing season, it
may not be. 

73 Don

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