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[TowerTalk] TicRing vs. Side Mount

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Subject: [TowerTalk] TicRing vs. Side Mount
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Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 11:55:23 -0600
Tom and TTers,

The Array Solutions Side mount reviewed in QST is one of those that can
turn a large beam.
I know it will turn a C31XR "Stretch", and other large tri-banders. But
we need to have 44 inches of clearance for 25G and 56.5 for 45G towers.
That is why I suggest the stretch version.  One thing that is important
to us was including wide saddles with the U-bolts to make sure the load
was not going to crush a tower leg by an over-zealous tightening of the

It will not have any problems turning the weight of a C31XR, indeed it
includes a Delrin bearing block to make this a smooth operation.

The issue is the breaking force of the rotor to handle the load in the
wind.  I would not use a small rotor.

We do warrant our products to work, and I will give a full refund if the
side mount doesn't turn your beam safely. 

Jay, WX0B

WD4K wrote:
> Well, after going through this and solving the problems I can tell you this.
> The weight, design (open area), and rotatability (balance, windload etc) of
> the antenna itself have more to do with the decision than cost. I looked at
> commercially advertised mounts and decided to build my own. I found no
> sidemount that would turn a C31XR. Some were OK for monobanders, 2M, 6M etc
> but I also saw design flaws in some that make it downright dangerous. I had
> folks tell me that theirs would work, but when asked point blank if they had
> done it or seen it work, the answers were either "no" or vague. They will
> tell you why it SHOULD work--not that it does.
> I would suggest the following as food for thought from my experience::
> If your antenna has less than 40" open area, weighs more than 75 lbs, you
> cannot build your own, and if the maker of the sidemount cannot absolutely
> GUARANTEE that it will work (backed with free return shipping etc.) --go
> with the TIC. If I did not have the ability to do my own- I would use the
> TIC. My lower C31 has been up for a year, through 60+MPH winds,numerous
> contests, rotates 300 degrees, all with no problems so it can be done.
> You will also notice that most ads for sidemounts show monobanders--not
> tribanders. That should tell you something. There is a BIG difference
> between a 30# monobander and a 100# (+ -) tribander. Sidemounts with big
> tribanders are a different animal. As LXC says, there are places for
> both--BUT--Do your homework FIRST. Been there-done that:) Tommy WD4K
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> > That depends (doesn't most things?) on the rotor investment. For instance,
> >  a Ham IV can be had at a hamfest for <$300 with controller, or from Rotor
> >  Doctor for $375.00. IDC Technology offers the Sidewinder for Rohn 25G at
> >  $250.00, an investment of $550 - $575, which is much less than a new TIC
> &
> >  its bag of headaches. If 360 degree rotation isn't absolutely required,
> the
> >  side mount wins my vote.
>     I agree. By the time you factor in the time involved to install either
> of
> them (the sidemount is simple, the TIC takes more time and screwing around)
> and the apparent greater reliability of the Ham IV, I'd go for the sidemount
> anyday. Providing of course that the antenna is capable of turning around
> the
> tower, which is the problem which makes people purchase the TIC in the first
> place. They both have their place.
> Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
> Tower Tech
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