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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 08:57:20 EST
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> Does Rohn still make a tilt-over tower? 

    Tilt-over hinged base - yes. Foldover tower kit - no. 

>  What is the best tilt-over on the market today?  

    You mean tilt-over from the base or foldover from up the tower? Many 
towers can be tilted over from the base; some have hinged bases available, 
others you'd need to engineer and fabricate. There aren't any that foldover 
up the tower systems anymore since Rohn quite making the foldover kit. 

    Why do you want a tilt-over? Many amateurs feel that they want a 
tilt-over to make it easier to work on the antenna or other stuff on top of 
the tower. Unless you intend on doing lots of intentional antenna work 
(design experimentation, etc.) where having a tilt-over capability to make 
things easier, you shouldn't really have to "fix" anything in a properly 
installed array for ten years or more. So having the tilt-over available is 
kind of a false goal particularly with the high potential for mechanical 
failure due to the tilt-over mechanism (especially if it's home-brewed). The 
horizontal forces on a tilt-over system are LARGE and don't lend themselves 
to typical ham "hip-pocket engineering".

    Proceed with caution and follow the LXC Prime Directive - "DO what the 
manufacturer says". And "DON'T do what they don't tell you". 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech

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