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Subject: [TowerTalk] Results of portable mast search
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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 10:33:28 -0500
Here is the results of the portable mast search.

1.  Ontario Surplus  at web page
They sell the AB-577 for about $350 plus shipping.
        they usually go to Dayton so if a few states away take you pick up
and bring one home.  Must be guyed.  If an antenna is set up
        for a few months this is the best but the whole package weights 300

2.  Taffie  The Hex Beam people now sell a 30' mast that will hold a Hex
beam for $330.

3.  Rohn still makes the 30, 40, and 50' push up masts (the 50' goes to 42'
but you need a 10 or 12 foot step ladder or a roof top.
        plus the top section is too small to hold even a 2 el beam.  And
must be guyed.

4.  Force 12 makes several portable mast towers that cost $1K or more.  They
go to 32' with 8 foot sections and 42' with 12 foot sections.
      except for the cost this is the best possible as the 8' long sections
can be carried around.

5.   Several mentioned K7NV but there is nothing on this product.  The mast
is sold at Dayton.

6.   Fair Radio (Lima Ohio) sells a 30' military mast which is probably good
for temporary.   I had the two 50' masts from the World War II
       TBW-5 (GO-9 aircraft) but it gets scary holding up a few of the 5
foot sections.  I assume with the 30' mast one person is supposed to hold up
the existing sections and add new ones to the bottom.  Then there needs to
be two people on the guys.   maybe for a field day
but not for one person island operation.

One person who has operated from several IOTA sites uses a 30' mast with
stock aluminum that he uses fasteners to securely hold the sections
together.  He tried hose clamps but they did not give him the flexibility.

There is a 30' mast made in the UK (in Scotland) that looks like a solution
for the other side of the pond from USA.

If there is other masts available (maybe used sources) let me know.

73 Dave K4JRB

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