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[TowerTalk] Permit help Please??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Permit help Please??
From: (Tom Delker)
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:35:54 -0600
Well, that is a perplexing problem,

The approach will depend on the various infractions that have been

First, does it conform to the tower regulations as set forth in the
local zoning statutes? If so, then all that may be needed is a
construction permit (could cost double-triple after the fact). 

If he has exceeded height, or doesn't meet setback requirements, then a
zoning appeal may need to happen. 

Worst case, he may have to start over, including breaking up the
concrete base (some inspectors like to approve the foundation before the

I have found most of the zoning departments to be fairly cooperative, as
the most they are interested in is collecting the fees required for such
permits and activities. You should quickly become familiar with the
local zoning laws pertaining to that installation. Hopefully, it will
have an "Amateur Radio" exclusion within certain limits.

Most of the time, folks just put up the towers and hope never to be
caught. Best thing to do is claim ignorance, admit the mistake and ask
what needs to happen to cure the problem. If that doesn't work to his
satisfaction, then call in the lawyers!

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