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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 08:04:39 +0100

     Yes indeed. I think of it this way. A 4 SQ will give about 5 dBi
     and a dipole at 1/2 wl will give about 7 dBi, waist of time with
     Forexample, a shortie fortie at 70 ft will take a 4 SQ to the 
     Sure, there might be some applications for verticals on the high
     bands but most of the time it would be easy to get more
     performance out of a horisontal antenna.
     Now, if I only could get my 40 m Yagi back up so I could junk
     my verticals, oh well ..........whish towers could erect 

     73, Jim SM2EKM

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At 01:47 AM 3/20/01 -0800, Tom Osborne wrote:
>I've been thinking of going to verticals here also.  When working
>contests on 10 or 20, it gets tiresome turning the beam all the
>time.  I have a 3 element 40 meter array and it's neat to be able
>to switch any one of 6 directions just by throwing a switch.  I
>wish I had a 3 element vertical on every band.  73

Try a stack of 2-element yagis (like the Force 12 C-3) -- most often, 
don't even have to turn it for the Caribbean or the rest of the off the
back locations... and I suspect they deliver more signal off the back 
an array like that would deliver head on (due to ground reflection 
gain, in

73, Pete N4ZR
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