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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower Base Construction
From: (Jonathan Kaplan)
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 06:17:12 -0800
At 08:44 AM 3/20/01 -0500, Ted Huf wrote:
>There is no way to dig this hole and just pour concrete in.  You
>would have to dig a much large hole and build a form for the concrete.  Then
>after a few days, remove the form, and back fill the hole with compacted
>earth.  Another way is to have the hole drilled which might make my question
Right! Do you have any bedrock at the site at all? If so, there is another 
solution which
I used for my 55ft US Tower. I had a PE design a round hole, 15ft into 
Since there was 5 ft of compacted soil above that, the whole base was a 3 ft
thick square sitting on top of a 17 ft round column (3 ft diameter). We put 
in a
square cage and poured. The best news was that it required to dig, only a 
with a drilling head attached. That auger drilled out the hole in twenty 
But it does require a PE to figure out the weight needed to counteract the 
momentum-- in my case over 20,000lb.

>Another point, soil density is not the same everywhere.  The coastal Florida
>locations where I have experience had very sandy soil with a high water
>table.   The base design was done only after soil samples and density tests
>were completed by a soil testing company.

Do you have any geology reports for your house? That should have the info.
Maybe, if the house is newer, the local building department might have it 
on file.


Jonathan KO6XS

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