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[TowerTalk] Modeling and reality.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Modeling and reality.
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Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 12:32:58 EST
One more thing,
wonderful modeling software sucks, resonant frequencies I get modeled for 
array and single radiator taken out of array do not jive with reality. I 
enjoy looking at them wonder antennas and plots, but sure hate to build'em 
:-) I spent 3 months learning and using software to devise the wunderantenna, 
only to find out that it SUCKS, sucks, sucks.
Next time anyone wants to argue with me about Razors etc., first build and 
try the stuff and then we can have discussions. 
If you just play with phantom modeled antennas, enjoy fantasy circle of like 
minded antenna "builders" :-)
Another friend revealed that he too designed wunder vertical "computer" LP 
array, only to find out that he couldn't get it to work using wires! Makes me 
feel better, that I am not the only "dummy" :-) 
Looks like opportunity for fathers of the software to get their rubber boots 
out and find out what is wrong with computer antennas close to ground and 
stood up vertically.
I am back to real life scaled models with ASSISTANCE of modeling software and 
Test Equipment to see what IS happening and not what is SUPPOSED to be 
happening. Another reason why I am "suffering"  with verticals on 10m, is to 
find out what is going on and experiment with "small" size hardware, before 
building real arrays for low bands 40 -160. Much easier.

BTW speaking of angles, in the last ARRL DX contest I did some observation of 
my friends signals OK1RF and OK2RZ. OK1RF at the beginning of the openings 
was S5, OK2RZ S0.1 (for those who argue that you can't hear S0.000 signal 
:-). Later on OK1RF S8, OK2RZ S9+20. Antennas: OK1RF 4 stack long Yagis, not 
switchable. OK2RZ 3 stack of 6 el. OWA and 2 stack 6 el. (another tower) 
sometimes phased.
Another argument for big fat vertical lobe to cover plurality of angles.

Thanks for patience and assistance.
Anybody has other experiences?

da 10m vertical beach BUm to be NT1E in WPX SSB

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