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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tri-EX Tower
From: (Joe Clement)
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 16:37:56 -0800
        Well today I installed my last Tri-Ex tower I hope! I have been
installing towers for over 25 years all over the world.
        Today I installed one for a very good customer. I had tried to talk him
out of it, but he was sold by all the hype.
        The only good thing I can say for the tower is that it was crated well.

        What was wrong with it:         70' Heavy Duty (they say)

1. Just a piece of steel on the top for the thrust bearing. No sleeve
like the U.S. Tower with places for mast locking bolts. You can not have
a tall mast or much of a load if you need to change the rotator. You
could tie the mast off but this is dangerous.

2. One of the cross braces is in the way of putting a socket on a base
bolt or nut, not much planning.

3. The most stupid thing the motor is on the bottom side of the tower
when it is first hooked to the base. The old company had not done this
for years.

4. The motor assembly is of old design. No braces across the drum. These
units after a time will spread and cause bushing wear. U.S. tower uses
regular pillow block bearings.

5. The cables are only 3/16 U.S. uses 1/4 cable.

6. Cable rigging is poor compared to U.S. Tower they double pulley the
cable on the bottom section.

7. The tower was 3 1/2 months late in arriving.

8. No bolts shipped for thrust bearing (cheap one) no locking collar.

9. No bolts for the tilt fixture.

10. They forgot the rotator plate.

I could go on but what is the use.

Joe Clement
J & J Antenna Service.
714 538-0968

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