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Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:32:05 EST
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> What's wrong with just having the backhoe dig a hole
>  as close to those dimensions as possible and use a
>  little extra concrete?

    Well, since your chances of having the backhoe over-excavate are about 
90%, that's what happens as a practicality anyway. 

    My point was that the factory specifies a certain, very 
difficult-to-install hole and most hams are going to try very hard to do 
EXACTLY what it says. So what happens is that they either won't know how to 
do it or do something dangerous like being in the hole in order to dig it. 
For your typical amateur, he doesn't have the knowledge or experience to 
understand this - all he wants to do is get that hole dug out and there may 
be possible serious consequences. 
>  Admittedly, I think we overdid it here.  The hole came
>  out about 4.5' x 4' x 7'.  Backhoe operator thought he
>  had done me a favor by making it bigger than requested
>  for no extra charge!  But we just rebarred it all up
>  and pored.

    I've almost NEVER had an excavated hole come out to the dimensions I gave 
the backhoe operator; they are just not capable of precise digging. It's not 
the operator's fault - some of those guys are real magicians. Rarely do you 
find cooperative soil that won't slough to some extent.  

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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