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Subject: [TowerTalk] Re: Digging Holes
From: (WA9ALS - John)
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:44:38 -0500
Isn't it amazing how long we can talk about digging a hole?  ;-)  I'm
starting to get interested now...  I've learned what I did wrong - I dug
a hole 5 ft deep and my kids and I were in it!!  The hole was on high
land and VERY clay-ey.  I couldn't imagine, then or now, that short of
an earthquake it could cave in, but I wouldn't let the kids in

The soil type, amount of rocks/roots/etc must make a HUGE difference - I
keep reading about the professional backhoe operator etc...  I had
basically never operated one before, rented a Bobcat excavator from a
local tool rental place nearby, brought it home on their trailer, dug
most of the hole in about 20 min.  Then I spent about an hour "playing
with it" - squaring it up, and belling out the bottom a little.  It was
supposed to be 4x4x4 and ended up about 5x5x5, and maybe about ? $100
extra concrete than planned.  It was a darn nice hole, if I do say so
myself - I sure don't see the need for the "professional" operator, at
leastt in situations like mine.

I did play with a Terra Mite once a short time before - It has levers
and was more difficult to control.  The main control on the Bobcat
Excavator was a joystick if I remember right;  in any case, it was much
easier to control - You could be very precise with it.  It rented for
about $240/day, but they let me have it for $90/3 hrs.  Thus I got a
nice hole for $90 + $200-something for the concrete and an afternoon's
work - not a bad deal.

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> > What's wrong with just having the backhoe dig a hole
> > as close to those dimensions as possible and use a
> > little extra concrete?
> >
> I did that with 2 tower bases and ended up using over $800 worth of
> concrete.  I'll dig by hand from now on!
> Chuck, W5PR
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