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Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 13:18:16 EST
Dear Joe:

I read your tower posting on TT and was astonished.  I have just received two 
towers from Tri-Ex or Will-Burt one being for my hobby and the other for the 
Forestry School at the university.

My LM 470 which was received last week is nothing like the description that 
you have described on TT.  Perhaps to save time I will go down your numbered 
list with my comments.  And by the way, yesterday afternoon I did stop at the 
forestry school and checked out the Tri-Ex/Will-Burt tower sitting in the 
side parking lot waiting for installation.

1.  Our LM 470 has a mast tube or as you referred to a sleeve underneath the 
thrust bearing shelf.  There is a nut welded to the mast tube where the bolt 
can be tightened to stop the mast from sliding down when a rotator is 
changed.  I understand this also keeps the mast vertical when no rotator is 
in place during change out.

2.  In looking over my tower and comparing it to the second one, I find no 

3.  The motor is not on the bottom of the tower when it is first hooked to 
the base.  I don't know what you are referring to but it may have been that 
way years ago.

4.  The motor assembly is a brand new design from what I have on my old 
tower.  There are braces and the bushing cannot wear out.  Pillar block 
bearings are used so I don't know what you are referring to.

5.  I was very concerned about the size of the cables and was assured by the 
dealer and confirmed in the certified stress analysis that everything is a 
1/4" cable.  I've confirmed the 1/4" had been installed on both towers.

6.  I disagree with you on cable rigging because this tower uses double wire 
rope cables (1/4") on all three tower sides.  There are also extra pulleys 
for an improved mechanical advantage.

7.  Yes, I also received the tower later than promised but understood that 
all Tri-Ex towers were being made at the main manufacturing facility near 
Cleveland, OH.

8.  My thrust bearing made by Fafnir was certainly not cheap and does have a 
locking collar.

9.  Although I did not purchase the tilt fixture, the one at the forestry 
school I'm sure came with it as indicated on the packing slip.

10.  The rotator plate is a funny issue because I also thought they forgot 
it.  Upon closer examination, the rotator plate was wire wrapped inside the 
tower to the base section.

So far we have been overjoyed with what we received and your explanation to 
what you put on TT may be very well indeed different from today's model.  I 
myself did comparative shopping for I had no true allegiance to Tri-Ex but 
after reading the literature and checking up on references, I elected to go 
ahead with Tri-Ex. I also was offered some kind of a direct drive device 
instead of the flywheel arrangement. We decided not to wait the extra two 
weeks and took the present model.

If there is something else you feel I should look at that may be of 
assistance to you or other readers of TT, please e-mail me. 

Daniel (Dan) Kroop, K8ZPE

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