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Subject: [TowerTalk] M2
From: (Sain'T Tom)
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 14:47:34 -0600
I would like to express my appreciation to TWO people at M2 antennas who
took the time to answer 30 minutes of questions about one antenna.  No other
ham antenna manufacturer that I called had even one person involved in the
manufacture of antennas available to discuss those intricate details that
have to do with durability, assembly,  installation, etc.

As a result of their quality product AND their help, I bought the antenna
instead of F12's (or anybody else's) similar product.

Tom K4RV

PS:  Incidently, SOME (not all) of M2's biggest HF antennas are now being
shipped UPS instead of truck.  The 15M6 that I purchased is one of them.
Assembled, its boom is 44 feet long.

PS:  M2 now has element to boom clamps for the old KLM Big Sticker line of
HF monobanders.  These clamps are NOT the old Lexan type, but serve the same
purpose - both insulated and non-insulated.  These new clamps were derived
from the insulators used on the current M2 log periodic antennas.  However,
it is my understanding that the new clamps do NOT angle slightly upward like
the old KLM lexan clamps.  So anyone doing a restoration would probably want
a whole new set.

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