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[TowerTalk] Thanks for C3S comments

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Thanks for C3S comments
From: (Nat Davis)
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:15:36 -0500
Many thanks to all of you that responded to my email several weeks ago 
requesting suggestions on the assembly of a Force 12 C3S.  I apologize for 
not responding to each of you or to the list sooner...

My antenna arrived on schedule from Force 12 but then it had to sit in its 
box because of bad weather  over several weekends.  Bummer.  The weather 
and my schedule finally "cleared" last weekend so I could assemble the 
antenna on the ground beneath my tower.  I had to wait until yesterday to 
actually get the antenna onto my tower.

As others suggested, I assembled my antenna elements using 2 saw horses to 
support the ends.  I alternately sat or kneeled between the saw horses to 
do my pop riveting.  I found the assembly to be very easy and had no 
problems what so ever.  All rivet holes lined up.  No re-drilling was 
needed.   The instruction manual was clear but, after reading it through 
once and assembling the first element,  it was largely not needed!

My only complaint with initial performance measurements of the C3S is 
related to the 10m band.  During assembly, the 10m and 15m driver elements' 
lengths can be adjusted slightly by changing the length of the outer-most 
section of tubing on each side of the elements.  Based on advice and 
comments from this list, I used the longest possible adjustment for both 
drivers.  Unfortunately, the adjustments for 10m only shifted the lower 
"under 2.0 SWR" band edge down to around 28.200.  I'll need a tuner for the 
bottom of the CW band...  I debated on whether to pull the tubing out more 
and drill new rivet holes but elected not to.  I wish the length of the 
last 10m driver sections had just a couple more inches of tubing to make 
that adjustment possible!  On the positive side, the antenna stays under an 
SWR of 2.0 well up into the 29MHz end of the 10m band -- making it 
fantastic for the SSB portion of the band.  Since others have made similar 
comments about this adjustment, it might be a good "product improvement" 
for Force 12 to consider.  No tuner is needed at all on 20 and 15 and the 
SWR on 17 and 12 meters is not that bad either :-)

I used an inverted V of rope from the top of the tower as a guide to "tram" 
the antenna to the top. That worked like a charm -- as did Force 12's easy 
mounting bolt mechanism on the boom to mast bracket.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions about the C3S.  It looks like it 
will be a great antenna for me and I am looking forward to giving it a real 
workout in the coming days and weeks!



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