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[TowerTalk] Element Strut Question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Element Strut Question
From: (Mike Wetzel)
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:32:45 -0500

I am trying to come up with a design for an element strut with the following
constraints:  element is insulated, on top of 3" boom, element (3")is split
and has about 5" of a 2.73" fiberglass tube between element halves, element
to boom garolite plate is 1" thick by 6" wide by 24" long.  I tried using a
piece of angle right at the edge of the element to boom plate (and the 3"
offset) put a pretty good bend in the element.  Right now I am figuring on
using an in line strut (one to each side) (about 4' high) and want to get it
exactly in the middle of the element in both directions.  This is a driven
element and so there is a lot going on at the split (balun, coil, hairpin,
etc) so I need to keep it kind of clear.

I have thought of using 2 pieces of angle to form a triangle centered over
the center of the element and also have considered using 2 pieces of angle
perpendicular to the boom with a third horizontal piece between the two
forming an upside down 'U'.

I have not considered putting the element on the underside of the boom but
that might make things simpler.  Any ideas out there? I can email a picture
of element mount if that would help.


Mike W9RE

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