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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 18:17:11 EST
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>  What would be a suggested size rope to use on the Force 12 C31? Is 1/8"
>  enough or do you need larger diameter? Will a solid nylon cord work (less
>  wicking) to dampen or does it have to be real flimsy like a woven rope? How
>  far up the elements do you need to put the rope to be effective? Where can
>  you get small end caps that would fit on the ends of the Force 12 elements?
>  The 10m director didn't last a year at WP2Z on the C3E due to wind. The tip
>  broke off where it goes into the next larger piece. You can watch the
>  elements vibrate in the wind.

I used 1/4 inch yellow nylon rope, length should be about 3/4 of the lement 
length. Rope must have the room to "jump" inside, be free. Can't have it 
tight or stuffed. The purpose is to be able to jump and work against the 
vibration of elements. This dampens the oscillations. You don't need to put 
it all the way to the ends.

End caps, if desperate can be made out of cork, buy bunch of wine bottles, 
drink the wine, save the corks and you can cup and "sharpen" them to fit 
inside of element tips.  

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