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[TowerTalk] rope in elements

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Subject: [TowerTalk] rope in elements
From: (Tom Rauch)
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 21:00:05 -0500
> The 10m director didn't last a year at WP2Z on the C3E due to wind.
> The tip broke off where it goes into the next larger piece. You can
> watch the elements vibrate in the wind.
> Tony
> N2TK

Well, that's the third report. Clive had it happen, and so did I.

My 20 meter antenna hums a tune, but so far it hasn't lost a tip. 
The only tip that has fallen off was on a 10/15 meter dual band 
antenna, and it was a ten meter director.

I can't imagine water getting inside the element with end-caps...and 
certainly no UV light does. I'd use any soft rope. But that is my 
choice for me.

IMO, any rope is better than no rope. 

73, Tom W8JI 
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