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[TowerTalk] Roof Tower or Quadpod

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Roof Tower or Quadpod
From: (Eric Rosenberg)
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 00:11:48 -0500
Need some sagely advice for my spring/summer (should it ever get here!) 
antenna project, one that I'm planning to do with local help, raising 
my C3-SS ~6 feet higher off the roof.

I can go with either 12 or so feet of Rohn 25 (flat top, straight 
section, peak roof mount) with guys


IIX 10 foot roof quadpod without guys.

I've done the later (I have a ~6 ft aluminum quadpod up now), so I know 
how to do that, but I've not done a roof mounted tower in a long, long 

I don't know much about guying towers (never seen anything written on 
the subject...can anyone point to references?) -- planning, materials, 
costing, installing and tweaking, etc. -- so I'd be diving into new 

Any suggestions, thoughts, advice, etc. are appreciated.  I'll post a 
summary here for those interested.


Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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