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[TowerTalk] K2QMF: Re: [Force 12 Talk] RopeAdope

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Subject: [TowerTalk] K2QMF: Re: [Force 12 Talk] RopeAdope
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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 08:01:47 EST
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Subject: Re: [Force 12 Talk] RopeAdope 
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Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 17:12:37 
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Hello All,

Just some additional information...

I don't know about new computer design software and whatever else
however, I have a Hy-Gain TH-6 that has been up since 1970.  It is on an
EZ-Way tower.
No ropes in the elements.  Just put together from the directions in the
It is still working great.  SWR is great.  Break most pileups on the
first try. 
If it aint broke don't fix it...

73,  Ted  K2QMF

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 16:51:22 -0500 "force12e" <>
>There has been a rather strange discussion going on about the use of 
>in antenna elements over on the Tower Talk Reflector.  I thought it 
>to explain why we don't use ropes in our products.
>We used the latest software and real world experience in the design of 
>products including the taper design of our elements.  Since our 
>designs are
>contemporary, as opposed to old designs done before proper software 
>available, it was apparent that foreign dampening of the element was 
>needed if the element was designed properly.  Outdated designs may 
>benefit from rope in the element, but there is no reason to do so now 
>proper design tools are available to prevent that need.
>A properly designed element will not oscillate and will withstand wind 
>ice loads.  A rope in our elements destroys the flex characteristic of 
>element and may well cause the element to fail ultimately.  
>Furthermore, a
>rope in our elements may collect moisture and finally freeze 
>preventing the
>element from flexing and promoting catastrophic failure since the 
>ability of
>the element to shed wind and ice loads has been undermined.
>Old mechanical and electrical designs are still with us, just as 
>gain claims that are impossible to realize or verify.  Some of those 
>and manufacturers/consultants of these products would like you to 
>believe we
>do most everything wrong..............we know better as does the 
>consumer public!
>We do fell rather strongly against using rope in our elements to the 
>that the use of rope in the elements will void the manufacturers 
>If you have a problem with vibration, please contact us for 
>Natan W6XR
>Force 12 East
>Ithaca, NY
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